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World Metrology Day - May 20

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2018 World Metrology Day in Belarus

In commemoration of World Metrology Day 2018, the National Metrology Institute of Belarus (BelGIM) has scheduled a special program, which includes such activities as organizing a scientific and technical workshop on metrology, holding an open day at the NMI, and making arrangements for appropriate mass media representation of the event.

As a part of Belarusian Industrial Forum 2018, a workshop entitled “Ensuring Uniformity of Measurements in the Republic of Belarus” will be held for metrology professionals of businesses and institutions.

For additional information see: www.belgim.by



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2018 World Metrology Day in Brazil

The National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro), the Brazilian National Metrology Institute, will be celebrating World Metrology Day 2018 on May 22, with the theme Constant evolution of the International System of Units.

The event will be held at the Campus of Inmetro, in Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro. On this occasion, speakers from Inmetro’s Scientific Metrology and Technology Directorate and Legal Metrology Directorate will make presentations followed by discussions with the audience on the perspectives of the redefinition of the SI. For more information: sfsantos@inmetro.gov.br


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2018 World Metrology Day in Cuba

The National Bureau of Standardization, the National Research Institute of Metrology and the national designated institutes CENTIS and CPHR have organized a program to celebrate World Metrology Day which includes press conferences, workshops, local events and other activities. On May 18 a National Commemorative Act will be held, at which the most important personalities of the Cuban metrology community will be present. For more information: www.nc.cubaindustria.cu and www.inimet.cubaindustria.cu.



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2018 World Metrology Day in Indonesia

In commemoration of World Metrology Day 2018, RCM-LIPI Indonesia is organizing a national conference on metrology called Scientific Meeting and Presentation of Calibration, Instrumentation and Metrology (PPI-KIM) which will be held in Jakarta on 7-8 May 2018. This event will consist of a Special Lecture on the Redefinition of the SI by a representative of the BIPM, a Talk Show on the role of metrology in health, a scientific paper presentation, an essay writing competition for universities, an ISO 17025 Workshop for calibration laboratories, and Metrology Corner (stakeholder engangement opportunity). For more information: www.ppi.kim.lipi.go.id



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2018 World Metrology Day in Monterrey – Mexico

The Metrology Laboratory ETALONS and the Hospital Christus Muguerza will be celebrating 2018 World Metrology Day. This important celebration will be held in the Hospital Conchita Auditorium in Monterrey, México. This event will take place on May 18, 2018, with the theme Constant evolution of the International System of Units. On this occasion, we will also have a Biomedical Workshop.

Register now:  www.forodemetrologia.com



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New Zealand


2018 World Metrology Day in New Zealand

The Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand and the Metrology Society of Australasia are co-hosting a full day event on Tuesday 22nd May 2018 in Wellington. There is a full day programme of informative talks that address the theme of ‘Constant Evolution’ including presentations about the SI Redefinition, ISO/IEC 17025, workshops on Laboratory accreditation assessments and how to track instrument performance.  For more information please email info@measurement.govt.nz or refer to www.measurement.govt.nz.



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2018 World Metrology Day in Peru

May 20 is World Metrology Day, commemorating the anniversary of the signing of the Metre Convention in 1875. Our country, Peru, was one of the 17 Metre Convention original signatory countries. The theme for World Metrology Day 2018 is “Constant Evolution of the International System of Units (SI)”. For this reason, the National Quality Institute of Peru, INACAL, through the Directorate of Metrology as the Peruvian INM, has organized the Week of Metrology from Monday 14th to Friday 18th May, which includes the IX Metrology Symposium, Metrology Day for Schoolchildren, free guided metrology tours to get to know the INM´s Laboratories, and free metrological conferences on the interpretation and applications of the verification procedure for vehicle gas measurement instruments and changes in the Peruvian Metrological Standard NMP 005 Meters for hot and cold drinking water.

For more information please email eventosdm@inacal.gob.pe  or visit www.inacal.gob.pe/metrologia/categoria/eventos



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2018 World Metrology Day in Portugal

As the National Metrology Institute of Portugal, the Portuguese Institute for Quality (IPQ) will be celebrating World Metrology Day 2018 on Monday 21 May with the theme Constant evolution of the International System of Units by organizing an "Open Day". This event will consist of a conference with oral presentations by invited speakers followed by visits to the IPQ National Metrology Laboratory and the IPQ Metrology Museum. For more information: www.ipq.pt.



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Saudi Arabia


2018 World Metrology Day in Saudi Arabia

In commemoration of World Metrology Day 2018 with the theme “Constant evolution of the International System of Units”, the academy of the International Medical Center, Saudi Arabia, organized a complete practical course called Metrology and Cleanroom Technology which was held in IMC on 28-30 April 2018. For a full report, click here.


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United States


Masy celebrates World Metrology Day 2018

Masy is holding a festive World Metrology Day Event to celebrate the incredible ways metrology impacts our daily lives. We will also explore the many practical applications and benefits we enjoy from a world based on standards and precision measurements. Come join us for fun, food, science and a host of interactive demonstrations. All are welcome, professionals, students, or anyone with a passing interest in metrology or snacks.

This event begins at precisely 2:01 PM and ends at an even more precise 6:59:03 PM!

What's happening?

  • Tour Masy’s state-of-the art metrology laboratory
  • Ice point cal with Masy’s rapid and reliable ice slurry technique
  • Method for simultaneous calibration of a large number of humidity sensors using Thunder Scientific chambers
  • Datalogging intro: what to use and when
  • Fixed point cell calibration: methodology in thermal metrology
  • Tour Masy’s ultra deep freeze biorepository facility
  • Intro to measurement processes for novices

RSVP online at info.masy.com/worldmetrologyday


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2018 World Metrology Day in Uzbekistan

In 2018, in order to improve the regulatory and legal framework for ensuring the uniformity of measurements and the comparability of measurement results at international level, and to increase the level of confidence in measurement results and tests carried out in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted Decree No. 21 of January 10, 2018 "On the application of units of values in the Republic of Uzbekistan".

Also this year, within the framework of World Metrology Day, the Uzbek National Institute of Metrology SE of the Uzstandard agency plans to hold the Republican Scientific and Practical Conference "Metrology-2018". Additional information: www.nim.uz.



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