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Information on copyright and guidelines

The content, information or documents, whether in a digital, printed or in any other format (hereinafter "Material") available on this website is protected by copyright, unless otherwise stated.

The World Metrology Day (hereinafter "WMD") Team holds the exclusive rights to all the Material related to World Metrology Day.

This year, the Material related to the 2024 WMD includes:

  • the Official 2024 WMD poster, available in English and French,
  • the 2024 WMD messages from the Directors of the BIPM and the BIML,
  • a Press Release for 2024 WMD.

It is provided to you as promotional material for non-commercial use only, assisting you in informing your stakeholders about the significance of metrology in various fields such as scientific and technological development, environmental monitoring, health and safety, food processing, everyday life, manufacturing, construction and energy.

The 2024 WMD poster can be downloaded, translated, copied and printed to promote the activities and events organized to celebrate 2024 WMD, subject to the conditions specified in these guidelines as well as on the FAQ page.

Please note that the content of any modified or translated official WMD poster is the sole responsibility of the publishing body.

The name, acronym and logo of any of the International Organizations mentioned in the 2024 WMD poster are legally protected and are the exclusive property of each Organization. Their unauthorized use is prohibited.

The BIPM and the OIML assume no responsibility for any modified or translated Official 2024 WMD Material. The Material cannot be used for commercial purposes and third parties are not permitted to re-brand or sell copies of the Material, nor any portions of it.

If you have any copyright questions, please contact the WMD Team.

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