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About World Metrology Day

The World Metrology Day (WMD) website is a joint OIML-BIPM initiative which aims to provide the metrology community with communication resources that ease their task of promoting World Metrology Day.

These resources are supplied free of charge. In return, we kindly ask users to share their activities, posters and other related media so that we can accurately gauge the impact of our efforts. This feedback allows us to improve our services and take the necessary actions to ensure we are continually meeting the needs of the metrology community.

This website is intended to provide stakeholders with a helpful, central resource to promote their WMD-related activities:

  • the Directors' message is a solid starting point for understanding the many implications each theme has for the providers and users of the metrology service. It can also inspire the creation of similar texts, and their adjustment to individual priorities;
  • the posters (designed by the RMOs in rotation) are easily tailorable to each user's specific requirements. The provision of posters saves the time and costs that would otherwise be incurred to create individual communication material from scratch. Moreover, the global usage of common-base material is an effective way to demonstrate membership of a large community whilst maintaining one's individual identity (language, logos, etc.);
  • the descriptions (in any chosen language) of the events organised by the community members to celebrate WMD present several advantages which are easy to implement:
    • inform one's stakeholders about the respective initiative (for example through links in social media and other channels);
    • demonstrate membership of a large community;
    • demonstrate (to decision makers) the global scale of the WMD events;
    • see what other countries are doing and acquire inspiration for future occasions.

We hope that these details will help you take full advantage of the available resources, and invite you to contact the WMD Team should you have any questions or need further information.

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